about willow + dawn

the name "willow & dawn" came to us when we were explaining the feeling that we wanted everyone to have when wearing our clothes.

"willow" comes from the name of the street we grew up on. our childhood is compiled of loving memories from our little house on willow lane. it was safe & full of unbounding love.

that unbounding love and comfort was selflessly given to us by our late mother, dawn. she raised and encouraged us to be kind, loving, creative, and confident human beings. we are grateful to be able to extend those qualities to others through something we love- apparel.

willow & dawn is home. love. creativity. comfort. confidence.

a phrase left on every birthday card, napkin in our lunchbox, and any note spontaneously given to us by our mother. two words that carry a lot of weight and are needed reminders:

you are always loved

always love yourself

always choose love